September is coming to an end, and our team at MITI MITI FOODS can’t believe that October is already on the horizon.  It seems like the month of September ended before it ever began!  Perhaps one of the reasons why we can’t account for the time flying by, is because MITI MITI FOODS is moving full steam ahead.  We are happy to announce that we have accomplished many of our goals and we are continuing developing our delicious brand.

Here are a couple of feats our team wanted to share with you:

We are now being sold at the legendary ethnic foods mecca Sahadi’s.  Sahadi’s is a historical site and Farid Ali Lancheros, one of the founders of MITI MITI FOODS, has had a long history with this wonderful grocery store.  As a little boy, Mr. Lancheros’ father, would take him to Sahadi’s and buy the finest pita bread, pistachios, and dates.  It is truly amazing how foods can inspire so many fond memories, and this is one of the reasons why MITI MITI FOODS continues to market our brand.


We are also being sold at the beautiful Palmer’s Market in Darien, Connecticut.  We had the pleasure of meeting the Palmer family at the BKEATS food show, and we are very happy to do business with people who love plantain chips just as much as we do.  If you happen to be in Darien, check out Palmer’s Market.  It is beautifully curated, and in addition to carrying wonderful fine foods, they have a breathtaking floral section within the grocery store.

Check out where else our sauces are sold on our “where to buy” panel located on the MITI MITI homepage.

In other news, we have our RECIPES page set up.  Check out the recipe for ARROZ CON POLLO.  It is simple, traditional, and easy to make dish and our RED AJI SAUCE really elevates the whole Arroz con Pollo experience.  Many of our customers rave about our sauces and tell our team how they use it to make their own signature dishes.  If you use our MITI MITI SAUCES for your own homemade recipes, please send them our way:





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