Have you ever been so hungry that you could barely think straight? So hungry that you graze the fridge and stuff one-week old leftovers in your mouth? Have you ever been so hungry that you eat your roommates deliciously prepared meal…only to find out that he/she was saving this meal for a special occasion? Well I have been there. After asking myself what I could do to avoid this sort of predicament, I came up with my MEAL IN A MINUTE:


  • BLACK BEANS (canned or cooked)

I heat my beans quickly using a stovetop or microwave. Then I simply pour in some Miti Miti Red Aji Sauce, no measuring spoons and measuring cups required.  This incredible sauce adds flavor to the beans and makes them taste as though they have been marinated in the most robust and delicious spices. It also adds texture to the beans, because of the chopped veggies (carrots, red and green bell peppers, onions, cilantro, etc) that are in every bottle.

Some serving ideas include:

  1. Eat the MEAL IN A MINUTE as is. If you’re feeling adventurous and have an extra minute, Add some sour cream and cilantro (just like the picture above)
  2. Top a whole wheat tortilla with MEAL IN A MINUTE. Add sliced avocadoes, cilantro, fresh onions, and diced tomatoes to make a very healthy and delicious torta.
  3. If preparing grains, like rice and quinoa, add Miti Miti Aji sauce for heat and flavor. This makes an excellent side dish that can accompany tofu, chicken, salmon, and much more!

MEAL IN A MINUTE is cheap, delicious, and best of all…QUICK AND EASY TO PREPARE!

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