Days like this, when the air is hot and thick, we can all use a nice refreshing beverage that cools us off!  Generally, Mondays through Thursday, I stick to cold water with a lot of ice…but when the weekend approaches, I like to cool down.  I do that with Mary! Blood Mary.

You see, unlike Margaritas or Vodka Tonics, Bloody Mary’s leave me feeling super refreshed.  All the sugar consisted in other libations can leave me with a headache…especially when the weather is so hot!  But alas, Mary saves the day.   I stick to a very healthy recipe that is super low in sodium and I use the finest ingredients:

  1. Vodka…if you are watching your figure (it is summer after all) I recommend Shochu, an Asian spirit that contains ½ the calories of top shelf vodka
  2. Fresh Tomato Juice, that contains no added sugar or salt
  3. Fresh Lime Juice
  4. A dash of tabasco
  5. A dash of Worcestershire sauce
  6. A generous serving of MITI MITI’s RED AJI SAUCE

The ingredients that are consisted in the RED AJI SAUCE, elevates the Bloody Mary and gives it a really nice acidic and crisp taste that tingles on the tongue.  The RED AJI also adds texture to the drink.  It’s like a salad cocktail!

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