MITI MITI Site is Launched

via Flickr user jurvetson

How exciting to finally launch our website for MITI MITI. We started this venture and journey in 2010 and now, we have put the pedal to the metal, and launched this site for our delicious sauces.

Both myself and Farid, my business and life partner, take great pride in what we do for a living. Sharing our food, our sauces, and the wisdom we have acquired throughout all our business and culinary ventures, is the heart that moves us forward.

MITI MITI, actually translates to “sharing” or “going dutch” in English. This expression resonated with us both, as we know how sharing a culinary experience, can create a memorable and illuminating time. We have so many exciting things on the horizon and we invite our readers to follow our blog, acquire some great tasty recipes, provide us with juicy feedback, take photos of your homemade creations, and of course have fun in the process!

We are proud to announce that we currently have more sauces in development! A guava puree that pairs well with baked goods and cheese, an exotic mango glaze that is the perfect summer staple for all things BBQ, a chile tomato chutney that is both smoky and robust, and a garlic sauce that has bite but is also refreshing and possesses a smooth finish are currently in the works!